About Us

Created in 2015, Hero Now Theatre has brought original, awe-inspiring theatre to the Twin Cities of Minnesota. After a pandemic-caused hiatus from production, we are now laying plans to once again bring you stories that inspire and change.


To compel you to experience something new—an insight, self-understanding, an idea for change—that leads you to respond, to be a hero, now.


To encourage reflection on important issues with stories of humans facing extraordinary choices told in unique, nontraditional venues, combined with thoughtful conversation at each performance.


“Nontraditional venues”—backyards, tents in snowy fields, warehouses, sculpture gardens—become as much a part of the performance as the play itself.


–risk life, comfort, or reputation to battle injustice
–adapt to the new when old values are no longer enough
–know that fear is part of facing change
–show us how to avoid resignation