A Thing of Beauty

“I was invited to a backyard play, but what I saw was not a ‘backyard play.’”

Our Inaugural Production

Seventy-five friends, family members, and acquaintances from the Twin Cities theatre world came to watch our inaugural production of A Thing of Beauty by Charles Kray on September 12, 2015.

This one-act play, based on real events, concerns a Nazi officer pursuing a Jewish philosopher who converted to Catholicism and entered a convent. If she confessed to her ancestry, would he release 19 other nuns on their way to a death camp? What if she didn’t confess outright but instead changed something in him?

Performed in the backyard of two of Hero Now’s founding members, the play set a tone for upcoming productions: quality performances of serious theatre in non-traditional venues.


Vanessa Gamble

Pete Colburn

Chari Eckman