Terra Nova

“Amazing production. . . . Intense, compelling storytelling that probes the depths of humanity and the power of hope. Wear your snow boots, snow pants, and parka . . . for an exceptional night of theatre.”

Hero Now Theatre’s second production, about the first British expedition to reach the South Pole, was performed in a tent on a bone-cold snowy field in January 2016, exactly 104 years later. Capacity audiences braved the cold to watch this stirring drama of six men courageously facing disappointment and disaster.


With just one production under its belt, Hero Now attracted significant publicity for this production, including:

  • Interview of two actors on “Good Day,” Fox 9 News, Minneapolis
  • feature on Minnesota Public Radio’s “Art Hounds” (starting at 1:19 into the episode). A grand-nephew of one of the expedition members heard this and traveled from Iowa to see the production.
  • review on Secrets of the City
  • video feature at Minneapolis StarTribune

We brought in a subject expert, Barb Horlbeck, former Executive Director of Will Steger’s International Arctic Project, for our talkback panel after our Saturday night performance.

And, as the following quote makes clear, audience members knew they’d be in for an adventure.

‘I’m going to this,’ wrote a friend on Facebook. The accompanying picture caught my eye: some extreme-weather-garbed Victorian dudes pulling a freight sled on skis in a white-out? . . . How could that be put on stage? After reserving a ticket, I thought, “well, I’m going,” and then, “Oh dear, what have I gotten myself int0?” 


Peter Aitchison

Anna Olson

Pete Colburn

Aaron Ruder

Brian Coffin

Corey DiNardo

Vincent Hannam