Holding On

Holding On: Unexpected Stories of WWII looked back at the lives of local veterans in a search for wisdom, perspective, and personal truths. Crafted from interviews taken by Hero Now Theatre, Holding On told the personal stories of the heroes and heroines who lived next door.

The veterans we interviewed, all residents of Episcopal Homes, sang in the choir and shared their reminiscences of life during America’s involvement in WWII. Dance numbers woven into the narrative dramatized the experiences shared by many of the veterans. And, the presence of children illustrated the reality that the war touched everyone’s lives.

Holding On was performed in Antonello Hall of MacPhail Center for Music and played to sold-out audiences three times. The production also was announced on Minnesota Public Radio’s Art Hounds (starts at 2:50 of the episode).

Hero Now donated 30 tickets to VetTix, an organization that gives tickets to veterans and their families.

Also, this:

“It . . . had me crying in moments. . . . Your show revealed that behind the complications and grandeur of the history there are simple people like you and me, each with their own story to tell. And it was so beautiful to see people in that latter stage of life on a stage, given a voice.”